Creating a Coaching Culture

Coaching is no longer restricted to private conversations for the privileged few at the top. It’s not just a perk for rising stars. Today coaching is woven into the culture of the organization and impacts people at every level.

The research is clear…coaching improves performance, collaboration and output. For more than 20 years, Coaching has been a key component of leadership development programs and nearly all large organizations develop top performers by using external coaches or developing internal coaches.

Creating a coaching culture is a game changer that shifts the way people work together. Companies with strong coaching cultures have much higher employee engagement, greater revenue growth and radical improvement of results.

Despite feeling energized by the changes that coaching brings to your organization, you may harbor some doubts…

  • Our people already have basic coaching skills…isn’t that enough?
  • We’ve invested so much time and money in coaching… what’s the return?
  • Isn’t there a faster, more efficient way to create a resilient culture?
  • Aren’t people more likely to leave the organization once they are coached?
  • People might feel good about coaching, but does it really impact performance?

Elite Performers has developed a complete Coaching Culture Assessment to help you answer these questions and more. As one of the world’s leading coach training organizations, our coach consultants have the experience to support you in developing your organization’s coaching culture.

Ready to create agility in your team, your division, and your entire organization? You’ll discover new ways to:

  • Increase employee engagement at all levels
  • Develop high potential leaders into peak performers
  • Drive organizational change by collaborating with all stakeholders
  • Embrace and leverage diversity to attract and retain top talent
  • Develop a collaborative leadership team that can face the most challenging circumstances

How do you get a high return on your investment when you develop a coaching culture? We use a customized approach to move your organization forward.